Brief History

Sons and Daughters of Zion [SADOZ] started as a burden in the heart of a young man to bring his distant disciples together for discipleship and fellowship. The focus was to bring all into the full knowledge of Christ by rightly dividing the word of truth and to ensure that everyone has one to one relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit through a regular communion.

Since the first meeting in May, 2014 in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria, till date, the ministry has been a relational and discipleship family drawing men from all tribes and ages across the world and raising them into christian maturity and leadership.


Know the founder of this great ministry

Ife Adetona is an anointed preacher of the gospel. He is versatile in various fields of human endeavour. He is a prolific writer who has authored a number of books that cut across leadership, relationship, business, finance and several subjects in the Christian faith. He also enjoys writing poems that address the socio-economic, psychological and spiritual life of men. Ife Adetona is highly passionate about discipleship, he believes that the great commission is a twin: soul-winning and soul-discipleship.

As a person who encountered Christ at the age of 11 and has since been enjoying a friend to Friend relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity, he believes that a cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit is all a believer need to have good success in all aspects of life! Above every other thing, he believes he is sent by God to do two major things: to lead all men to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and to introduce them to the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ife Adetona

Founder & President