Healing Mantle By Pst Ife-Adetona

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The Chapter Arm

Exceeding Greatness by Pst. Ife Adetona

This is the arm of the ministry that includes all our WhatsApp study groups. SADOZ has hundreds of these groups

Major activities on our Koinonia plaform are basically SADOZ Family Altar [SFA] & Bible Study.

Bible Study holds twice a week: Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00pm-9:00pm (country time zone applicable).

The primary purpose of the Koinonia arm of the ministry is to raise balanced Christian leaders and give them the leadership responsibility of raising others.

SFA is the morning devotion and discussion that holds daily between 5:30-6:00am (country time-zone applicable).

Our Study holds in this sequence:

1st Wednesday of the Month: Revival Night. Here, we encounter God in a specialized revival programme.

1st Friday Week of the Month: Heroes' Night. Here, we study the biography of a personality who have made notable imparts in life, ministry & career.

2nd & 3rd Week of the Month: Spiritual Week. This is tagged Spiritual week because we deal with a BIBLICAL SUBJECT which is relevant to our life and christianity.

4th Week: Relationship Recipe. Here, we deal with martial related topics and subjects.

5th Week: Varieties. Should in case there is a 5th week in the Month, we take different topics relevant to life.

With exemption of the variety week, all discussion on our koinonia groups are uniform.

To join our WhatsApp group contact: