Information about the Ministry

SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ZION [SADOZ] Global Harvest Ministry is a discipleship and relational movement where the Holy Spirit is our Discipler. SADOZ is interdenominational and non-denominational.

SADOZ is described as an eagle that soars with two wings because we meet online regularly using the WhatsApp media and physically once in month across our Chapters worldwide.

Mission and Vision

Online Programs

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Our Online activities are called Koinonia.

SFA: SADOZ Family Altar It holds every morning by 5:30 am to 6:00am across all our WhatsApp groups.

Bible Study: It holds on Wednesdays & Fridays between 8pm & 9pm across all our WhatsApp groups.

SADOZ runs hundreds of organized & effective WhatsApp groups with tens of thousands of people.

Give your SADOZ Seeds

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Acts 20 vs 35

Past Events

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Physical Programmes

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PMR - Power Monthly Retreat

Our regular monthly retreat which holds across our Chapters in Nigeria & Abroad.


MAS - May Anointing Service.

This is the annual convention of the SADOZ Family Worldwide. It holds in the last weekend of May at the Great Zion City, Ijaiye, Ibadan-Iseyin Express way, Oyo State.


LFR - Leaders' Fire Retreat

An annual retreat for leaders in SADOZ and other Christian ministries across the globe. It holds in the first weekend of December at the Great Zion City.


TMC - Tongues and Miracle Crusade.

A specialized outreach programme targeted at reaching people for Christ.


PC - Pentecost Camp

A special programme that holds at the regional level of our Chapters.


THS - Tongues and Healing Service.

A specialized revival meeting that is targeted towards opening new Chapters.


CHS -Christain Holy-Ghost Seminar.

An anointed seminar that holds in churches and any Christian organization with the aim of enlightening believers about the Holy Spirit and leading them into the baptism of the Holy Ghost.


Meet the founder of this great ministry

Ife Adetona is an anointed preacher of the gospel. He is versatile in various fields of human endeavour. He is a prolific writer who has authored a number of books that cut across leadership, relationship, business, finance and several subjects in the Christian faith. He also enjoys writing poems that address the socio-economic, psychological and spiritual life of men. Ife Adetona is highly passionate about discipleship, he believes that the great commission is a twin: soul-winning and soul-discipleship.

As a person who encountered Christ at the age of 11 and has since been enjoying a friend to friend relationship with the Third Person of the Trinity, he believes that a cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit is all a believer needs to have good success in all aspects of life. Above every other thing, he is sent by God to do two major things: to lead all men to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and to introduce them to the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Ife Adetona

Founder & President


Our Publications

See few of our Books

Communion of the Holy Spirit

The book details the operational roles of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. It introduces to believers the peculiar role of the Holy Spirit in this dispensation and how to develop one to one relationship with Him.

Pentecost Volume

The book answers all questions on Speaking in tongues and launches its readers into the Holy Ghost baptism and a deeper realm of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mocking the Devil

A book of insight that takes a believer into an adventurous journey of rediscovery of his authority in Christ Jesus that places man above the princes, principalities and the ruler of darkness of this world. The book reveals the status of man bought for him by Christ Jesus and laid bare the weaknesses and strategies of devil in his dealings with man.

Beyond Purpose Discovery

An inspirational book that reveals to you the reason you are created to the world and equips you with tools to fulfil all.

Roaring Faith

A practical book on faith that takes a man of small faith into an exceeding great faith. This doesn’t only give knowledge, it also gives victory.

Prayer that works

What we do the most is praying and yet what we do the least is praying because majority do not really know how to pray. An encounter with God through this book will relieve you of having unanswered prayers and you will know why some prayers cannot be answered.

Undersatnding Spiritual Gifts

A spiritual insightful book that explains each of the spiritual gifts and launches into their manifestations.

Time and Task Management

A great resource filled with practical knowledge that is capable of increasing your effeciency, effectiveness, profitability & employability by 100%

Money and Human Management

An addendum to Time & Task Management. The book is filled with reliable managerial skills capable of turning penury into prosperity and grooming every establishment into a great one.

Impartation for the Gift of Prophecy

This book imparts with a balanced knowledge on the gift of prophecy and launches its readers into the manifestation of this gift which is divinely available to all.

Understanding the Call & the Five-Fold Offices

A great resource that looks into each of the fivefold ministerial offices which is a great help for the body of Christ at large. It also details their distinctive operations in this dispensation.

CDA: Unlocking the Supernatural

The book reveals the powerful and fundamental supernatural key that unlocks all doors for the miraculous. This key is called: Confess, Declare and Announce [CDA].

You can't Pay the Price of Missing God's Will by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona

This is a relationship book written from the heart of a mother to guide all singles into a step by step procedure of getting it right maritally without of fear or delusion.